Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink

five days at memeorial

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This book was unbelievable. I couldn’t even imagine going through some of the situations that people were put through. All the lies that were told to the victims family. One person in particular that touched my heart was Emmet Everett, a paraplegic who was said to be over weight and part of the reason he didn’t get out of the Hospital alive. Dr. Pou should be ashamed of herself she put a man who was a paraplegic nothing health wise wrong with him except being a little over weight to death, with no consent from him or his family. He was fine he even had a great personality till the day he died he said to the nurse taking care of him “ready to rock and roll.” His life should of been saved. I feel for his family and loved ones. Many other died this way too, they had no say in their own life and were just given a shot and dead within minutes.

On top of that what really upset me more then that was the animals and pets situation. People were told that they could not be rescued if they bring their animals with them, what a horrible thing to say to someone. Animals are part of the family they have lives too. Many owners had to or thought they had to put their loved ones down because they didn’t want them to suffer and couldn’t save them. The very last rescue day they were told they can bring their animals ? Are you kidding me, what animals? No one had any left they all were put down. The only good thing that came from this is that there is now a law you can bring your animals with you in a rescue situation.

This book brought light upon areas we don’t really focus on, that we believe you will be safe and secure. Its not like these victims were in prison this was a hospital, they are supposed to be taken care of and looked after. You have a job to protect and save and help others. Not kill, and put those who are able to walk and not as sick first. You always put the disabled or ones who can’t fend for themselves first no matter what. Like you are boarding a plane those who are in wheelchairs go then those with younger children and then everyone else. Thats how it should of gone. Their priorities were very wrong. Read this book and be the judge for yourself. Do you think Dr.Pou should of gone to prison and not be praised and be able to speak to colleges about her experience with Hurricane Katrina Victims at Memorial Medical Center ? Or do you think she’s one of the heroes? Do you think all family members should of been called right away and asked to get their loved one ? There were so many things that didn’t go well or right and part to blame is the disorganization of the emergency route or plan in a case like this. Reading about the flood, how much water the hospital took in it reminded me of the shortage of lifeboats on the Titanic. Again they were not prepared, didn’t have a plan of an emergency situation for evacuation. Many other people are behind what happened and those who suffered will never seek justice. IĀ received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Feel free to leave a comment or message me with any questions based on this book or my response, all responses are appreciated , thank you.



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